L10 – Inmould label cutting

L10 is a sophisticated high-end machine for high speed production of IML labels from printed rolls. Beside basic version with simple stack at the end of conveyor, Vallis offers a model with delta robots for labels stacking (one or two robots, depending on desired production speed).

Robotic stacking provides higher degree of automatization and continuous production (each robot has one stack for stacking and another for replacement). Also it is possible to combine different shapes and sizes on the same print format thus optimizing material usage. One robot provides production rate up to 35m/min.

Technical Specifications

Web width: 420mm (optional 530mm)
Production speed: up to 100m/min
High quality color mark sensor for register control: +/- 0.1mm register accuracy
Magnetic cylinders: 16″ to 25″
Advanced mechatronic solution for soft tension control: from 30N to 300N
Maximum unwinder roll diameter: 900mm
Maximum rewinder roll diameter:


Edge/line guide system (specific line guide sensor)

Kocher-Beck cylinders for rotary die-cutting

Labels assembly into a stack at the end of conveyor (basic version) or with delta robots

Robotic assembly provides continuous production

Two assembly stacks for each robot

Automatic roll end detection

Fast and easy roll change

Automatic detection of material juncture on backside

Complete electronic control and motion system from one supplier: SIEMENS

User friendly interface via 15” screen industrial PC

Easy and felxible system adjustments, interface language according to customer demand

Optional mobile operator panel

Full diagnostics via touchscreen

Remote internet connection and service