S10 – Flexo printing machine

S10 is a stack type gearless flexographic printing machine with automatic register control. It is a flawless combination of advanced technological, mechatronical, electronic and software solutions. Complete electronic control, motors, drives and register control are realised with high-end integrated SIEMENS platform.

Numerous engineering innovations have been implemented for the first time on this model in cooperation with Siemens Application Center for printing technology from Erlangen, Germany. All printing, anilox and impression cylinders are driven by separate servo motors.

On-site visits can be arranged with S10 at full exploatation available for full inspection, where you can hear first-hand user experience from the operators working on this machine.

Technical Specifications

Number of printing units: 8 (option: 4 or 6)
Two-sided printing in one pass: 3+1 / 2+2 – 5+1 / 4+2 / 3+3 – 7+1 / 6+2 / 5+3 / 4+4
Web width: 450mm to 1250mm
Printing width: 400mm to 1200mm
Print repeat: 270 (350)mm to 800mm
Maximal printing speed: 250 m/min
Maximal reel diameter: 800mm/1000mm
Ink type: solvent/water/UV-LED


Inking system: closed chamber doctor blade (with pneumatic pressure regulation)

Ink air mixers

Anilox and Plate sleeve system for fast change

Complete electronic control and motion system from one supplier: SIEMENS

Servo driven each printing (plate) cylinder

Servo driven each anilox cylinder

Print repeat modification for up to 2%

Servo driven side register

Four servo drives control positions of anilox and plate cylinders (for each printing unit)

Automatic impression settings

Servo driven unwinder and rewinder

Digital web tension control

Full automatic register control (length and side) (BST-eltromat camera)

Automatic web edge guides (BST)

Drying system: two separate controlled systems (digitally adjustable drying: horizontal tunel after printing and between printing units)

Web-view system (BST)

Industrial touch screen PC system for centralized control and monitoring

Robust industrial mobile operator panel

Easy multilingual parameter adjusting

Saving settings for unlimited number of jobs

Remote access via internet for service and diagnostics


Automatic cleaning system

100% print inspection (BST)

Automatic reel change

Automatic ink viscosity control

Spectral color measurement (BST)

LEL monitoring system