SharpDive – Die cutting

SharpDive is a sophisticated high-end machine for high-speed die-cutting production from printed aluminium rolls. Its most prominent features are efficiency and functional reliability, meaning that user can count on uninterrupted production over three eight-hour shifts, seven days a week.

SharpDive daily production capacity is over 1.5 million units produced if 4-pillar tool is used, or about 2.7 million units with 7-pillar tool. The machine has built-in soft tension control which guarantee perfect engraving at full production speed.

On-site visits can be arranged with SharpDive at full exploatation available for full inspection, where you can hear first-hand user experience from the operators working on this machine.

Technical Specifications

Web width: 320mm to 520mm
Production speed: up to 370 strikes per minute 88.800 lids per hour (with 4-pillar tool)
Register accuracy: +/- 0.1mm
Advanced mechatronic solution for soft tension control: from 30N to 300N


High quality color mark sensor for register contro

Automatic format length adaptation, no need for manual correction

High quality 4-pillar (or more) die-cutting tools

Automatic roll end detection

Fast and easy roll change

Automatic detection of material juncture on backside

User friendly interface via 5,7” touch-screen (optional 10” and 15” touch screens available)

Easy and felxible system adjustments, interface language according to customer demand

Optional mobile operator panel

Full diagnostics via touchscreen

Remote internet connection and service